April 28, 2010

Yosemite ROCKS!

Wow! What a great trip. The western side of the country definitely has a lot to offer. After a few unfortunate mix-ups with the rental car company, we finally got to our destination. Yes, dedicated photographers are crazy enough to take a two-hour taxi ride. But it was definitely good we got there, because two days later we got a foot of snow! In April! Phew. Glad we were there. And definitely glad the park had a free shuttle service.

My take on Ansel's favorite spot.

Frozen Mirror Lake

El Capitan in the fog…

Trekking through the snow!

Reminds me of Narnia!

We got to shoot in two different seasons in one week!

And even tried a couple night shots!

All in all, a fantastic trip. More shots to come…hopefully. If I'm not too busy.



  1. Great shots, Andy! I especially like Frozen Mirror Lake - awesome processing.