October 6, 2009

Sailing at Sunset

Lake Cayuga, Ithaca, New York

     I think what makes this shot really pop is the clarity of the water in the foreground. At least, that's what makes it for me. I was also pretty pleased with the placement of the sailboats. I think it keeps the eye entertained more than just a normal sunset would. This was just a handheld exposure and is basically right out of the camera. I did lighten up the sailboats a little bit and gave a little more contrast to the waves and the clouds. I also cloned out a couple distracting (i.e. not sailboats ;) elements from the right side of the photo. This one of the last shots I took that night, and there was just enough light to make a decent exposure. I think this is my only lake shot from that trip that I'm satisfied with. It still amazes me that when you press the shutter, and you think you have a dynamic photo, then you look at it on the computer and it's either dull or not the composition you thought it was. On the other hand though, there are some that you think don't have a chance, yet they become some of your favorite shots from that location. Ah, the wonder of photography.    

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