October 2, 2009

Morning at Jenny Lake

Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As I was looking through my photos to decide which one to put up as my first blog post, I found the three photos that make up this panorama. I remember that day. We had gotten a fairly early start as to catch the mountains in nice morning light, but as we were driving we became increasingly disheartened by the low fog that was covering up the mountains. The only thing in view was the base of the giant range. This was very disappointing because the light would have been good. Oh well, we thought. Maybe tomorrow. But, we decided to venture out to Jenny Lake anyway. And what do ya know, the fog disappears and we are left with our jaws on the ground gazing at this magnificent scene. What a place...


  1. Great job Andy , I'm adding this to my favorites!

  2. Looks great! I especially like the comment along with the photo, it makes it so much more meaningful.

  3. Cool panorama! You made it look great - of course, it is a great-looking place, but photos don't always show it. I love this idea; keep it up!